[Sems] Sems html formated voicemail messages

Peter Vicman peter.vicman at uni-mb.si
Fri Apr 1 10:46:29 UTC 2005


For demonstrations purposes I changed sems to send HTML formated 
voicemail messages. Maybe this can be interesting to someone else. In 
file "AmSmtpClient.cpp" I comment out the section, which adds 
content-type "Content-Type: text/plain" and put this in 
"default.template". With this aproach I can send HTML mails if 
"Content-Type: multipart/alternative" or similar is added to 
"default.template". Changed file and new templates are in 
http://regul.uni-mb.si/~pvic/ser_sems/sems_html_mail/. Any comments are 


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