[Sems] Sems startup problems with configure file on REDHAT 9

Parvel Gu parvel.gu at gmail.com
Thu Apr 7 04:57:11 UTC 2005

Hi there~

While trying to startup the SEMS on Redhat 9, the initial with the
origin configure file got a problem.
I complied the achives from the source.
The make procedure seems all right, and the installation goes well.

# sems
(2645) ERROR: reloadFile (SemsConfiguration.cpp:139): configuration
error in /usr/local/etc/sems/sems.conf:15, must be key=value

The line 15 is just a blank line. There's no change on configuration
file after the installation.

I've tried to read the reloadFile function in SemsConfiguration.cpp,
seems lots of problem while processing the .conf file.

SemsConfiguration.cpp,v 1.3 2003/12/04 10:31:14 ullstar

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