[Sems] *bangs head* Struggling with simple SER+SEMS..

Dave Bath dave at fuuz.com
Mon Apr 18 18:40:41 UTC 2005

Thank you so much!

That does seem to have fixed it!  

The reason for the save_noreply("location") is because the mode of use
means that clients do not register with this server... they simply send
an invite..  

Perhaps I don't need to save the location at all? But I presume I do.

The only problem I'm having now is with the BYE... I guess I must have a
break in the wrong place somewhere.. I assume I just need to forward the
BYE to SEMS and that's it.. it doesn't need processing by SER? Is this

I will try and work on it, but perhaps if you have a moment you could
tell me what's wrong with my BYE statement.

Many many thanks again.


PS.  I have quite complex SER installations running... I think perhaps I
am just not clear on how the interaction with SEMS works... I thought
that SER still had to handle the generation of SIP messages? Perhaps I
am mistaken?

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Hello Dave,
you have the save("location") twice, one is correct here:
Dave Bath wrote:
>          if (method=="REGISTER") {
>             save("location");
>             break;
>           };
the other here
>           if (method=="INVITE") {
>               save("location");
will cause a 200 reply to be sent, and sems will also answer with a 200
>               if (uri=~"sip:600.*@") {
>                   log(1,"-> Redirecting conference to SEMS");
>                   if(!t_write_unix("/tmp/am_sock","conference")) {

Usually you would not save the location on an invite - if you really 
want to do this here then use save_noreply("location").


I'd put the lookup("aliases"); before the first  if (!uri==myself) and 
delete the whole other block

           if (!uri==myself) {
             log(1,"Resolving external request");
             append_hf("P-hint: outbound alias\r\n");

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