[Sems] Problem while compiling IVR fo Perl Scripts

Xavier TRENTIN xtrentin at softiphone.net
Mon Apr 25 15:50:04 UTC 2005


I have Perl 5.8.3 installed on my computer and I try to compile
Sems' IVR module on Sems 0.1.0.

I've change value of the "SCRIPT" variable to Perl in the Makefile
and  when I run make and while executing the folowing command :

g++ -I ../.. -Wall -Wno-reorder -D_DEBUG -g -DTHREAD_SAVE -D_REENTRANT 
-D_THREAD_SAFE  -DPREFIX=\"/usr/local\"  -fPIC   -DIVR_PERL `perl 
-MExtUtils::Embed -e ccopts ` -DPERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT  -c IvrEvents.cpp 
-o IvrEvents.o

I get the following error :

IvrEvents.cpp: In member function « virtual void
    IvrScriptEventProcessor::run() »:
IvrEvents.cpp:74: « usleep » undeclared (first use in this function)
make[1]: *** [IvrEvents.o] Erreur 1

I give you the result of `perl -MExtUtils::Embed -e ccopts` (don't know 
if it can help) :
  -fno-strict-aliasing -I/usr/local/include -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE 
-D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 -I/usr/include/gdbm 

the content of /usr/include/gdbm is :
dbm.h  gdbm.h  ndbm.h

the content of /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.3/i686-linux/CORE :
av.h          embed.h     gv.h        keywords.h    op.h 
perlio.h    pp.h   regexp.h    uconfig.h    XSUB.h
cc_runtime.h  embedvar.h  handy.h     libperl.a     opnames.h 
perliol.h   pp_proto.h  regnodes.h  unixish.h
config.h      EXTERN.h    hv.h        malloc_ctl.h  pad.h 
perlsdio.h  proto.h     scope.h     utf8.h
cop.h         fakesdio.h  INTERN.h    mg.h          patchlevel.h 
perlsfio.h  reentr.h    sv.h        utfebcdic.h
cv.h          fakethr.h   intrpvar.h  nostdio.h     perlapi.h 
perlvars.h  reentr.inc  thrdvar.h   util.h
dosish.h      form.h      iperlsys.h  opcode.h      perl.h 
perly.h     regcomp.h   thread.h    warnings.h

I can't solve the problem, I think one of the required perl module or 
library is missing, but I don't find which one.

Thanks for your help.

Best Reagards,

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