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Stefan Sayer stefan.sayer at iptego.de
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you have two options, either each user has his or her own IMAP folder 
(which you need to create for each user on the IMAP server), then you 
need to replace the user:password part depending on the r-uri. The other 
option is one account on the IMAP server for all users and a separate 
subfolder for each user, in this case your imap url has to look like 

Remember that in the case that Alice calls and leaves a message for Bob, 
Bob is the user part of the r-uri, and when Bob calls to listen to his 
messages, Bob is in the From.


Umut Emin wrote:
> Hei *,
> i setup ser-sems successfully and am able to use the 
> announcement application for different numbers. But i am stucked as i tried the mailbox
> facility. 
> So my scenario is a typical one: Alice calls Bob. He's not available.
> Alice gets bob's own announcement, leaves a message.
> Within my setup: ser gets the invite request from alice, appends P-Mailbox-URL header with
> modparam("tm","tw_append","mailbox_headers:P-Mailbox-URL=avp[\$mailbox_url]")
> using avp operations:
> avp_write("imap://user:password@semiconductor.jsbach:143/INBOX","\$mailbox_url") ;
> to sems socket which ends up like:
> P-Mailbox-URL: imap://user:password@semiconductor.jsbach:143/INBOX
> from this point on,unfortunately, alice gets only a default announcement and no "beep" sounds to leave a message 
> -not as indicated in README.mailbox 
> Obviously imap string is written wrong. To me, ser should replace the callee's identity
> with "user" placeholder (btw:  with password also?) and forward it to sems socket like: 
> P-Mailbox-URL: imap://bob@semiconductor.jsbach:143/INBOX
> In that sense, i wonder if this approach is rite and if yes, how do i get the ser.cfg 
> replace callee's identity? 
> Greetz,

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