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Fri Jul 27 11:28:03 CEST 2007

To      root at localhost.localdomain
Date    Wed, 5 Sep 2007 09:12:44 +0200
Subject         Voice message from: <sip:774201 at>

Message text

Hello 115 at,
<sip:774201 at> left a voice message for you.

Thank you for using <your domain>'s Voicemail.

Your voicemail system.

This message was created by <your domain>'s voicemail system.
Please review www.<your domain> for more information.

But after the SIP bye message, the SEMS' SIP stack sends
Status: 404 Not found towards the SER home proxy.

The voicemail is received within my mail box (/var/spool/mail/root)
and I'm able to read it from the server. It works.

Can I solve it ?

Best regards
--=_alternative 003FAB3BC125734D_=
Content-Type: text/html; charset="US-ASCII"

<br><font size=2 face="sans-serif">Hello,</font>
<br><font size=2><tt>My SER and SER-SEMS topology<br>
 &nbsp; &nbsp;---------------- &nbsp; &nbsp; ----------------- &nbsp; &nbsp;
 &nbsp; | SER home proxy |---| SEMS' SIP stack |---| SEMS |<br>
 &nbsp; &nbsp;---------------- &nbsp; &nbsp; ----------------- &nbsp; &nbsp;
When I call the voicemail (number 115), I heard the greeting message<br>
and I'm able to left a message on it like below.<br>
Mail headers &nbsp; &nbsp;View all headers &nbsp; View raw message<br>

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