[Sems] contribute your module!

Stefan Sayer stefan.sayer at iptego.de
Thu Oct 4 20:34:34 CEST 2007


if you have a module that could be of interest to other SEMS users, I 
would say that now is a good time to contribute it. What you get from it 
(as in every open source project)
  o review by SEMS core developers
  o better test coverage
  o possibly comments and improvements by other users
  o fame

IMHO now it is a good point in time for contributing your module as 
there are improvements to the core due that might require changing of 
the application interface as well - so if you contribute it now, you can 
be sure that after an API change your module at least compiles, and in 
most cases it will probably be quickly tested after a change as well.

Your contributions are very welcome as post to the list, entry in the 
tracker ( http://tracker.iptel.org/browse/SEMS ) or PM to a core developer.


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