[Sems] Clearing dtmf events from the session queue

Stefan Sayer stefan.sayer at iptego.de
Tue Oct 23 00:52:26 CEST 2007


x-ser at sidell.org wrote:
> Hi.
> Is there any way to clear a session's event queue of all pending dtmf
> events?  In my IVR app, I have a situation in which the user may or
> may not have pressed a key in response to a prompt, but for the
> subsequent prompt, I want to ignore the prior key press and only
> accept new events.
events are processed from the event queue sequentially. There is 
currently no method to filter or throw out specific event types already 
in the queue.
What you can do is to post an event (of your own type) into your own 
session,  and ignore all key press events until you receive that event, 
this should filter you all key presses that are as event already in the 

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