[Sems] queue audio files code example ?

Jeremy Ardley jeremy at ardley.org
Mon Sep 1 09:11:45 CEST 2008


I'm attempting to play a file to a caller, then when it has finished, 
perform some processing and play another file to the  caller.

The examples I have seen use a standard way to initiate file play in 

    ERROR("Couldn't open file %s.\n", filename.c_str());
    throw string("AnnDialog::onSessionStart: Cannot open file\n");

and later

void AnnDialog::process(AmEvent* event)
  AmAudioEvent* audio_event = dynamic_cast<AmAudioEvent*>(event);
  if(audio_event && (audio_event->event_id == AmAudioEvent::cleared))
    DBG("AnnDialog::process: audio event received\n");


I think I need to modify the process function to start playing a new 
file instead of sending a bye to the dialog. However i can't find any 
obvious examples of how to do this, and my first pass of using a new 
setOutput in the process event doesn't work.

Any advice appreciated.
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