[Sems] Voicemail system with SEMS and SER without a database

joseph augusthy josephaugusthy at gmail.com
Wed Sep 24 10:47:44 CEST 2008


**    I am new to SEMS but I have been using SER from a long time, so
**     thought of installing SEMS to test different options and features
**     supported by SEMS, mainly "voicemail". I have installed the
sems-0.10.0 bundle
**     <ftp://ftp.iptel.org/pub/sems/sems-0.10.0-bundle.tar.gz > (bundled
**     with SER for easy installation) and then followed all the steps
**     mentioned. Now I am running the following:
**     1) SEMS using the comamnd :
      /usr/local/sbin/sems -f /usr/local/etc/sems/sems.conf
**     then following error messages is shown in the log file:
**       ERROR: onLoad (RegistrationAgent.cpp:69): Account for registration
**     not correctly configured.
**     ERROR: onLoad (RegistrationAgent.cpp:70): RegistrationAgent will not
**     register any accounts.
**     2) SER stack for SEMS at port 5070 using the command:
**     /opt/ser/sbin/ser -f /opt/ser/etc/ser/ser.cfg
**     3) SER (0.9.7) without a database support at port 5060.
**     Currently I am facing 2 issues, first one being the error messages
**     that I get when I run SEMS and second one is related with the calls.
     When **I placed call between 2 SIP phones registered with SER at
**     port 5060 I observed that the media negotiation is between peer
**     i.e., between 2 phones. So the RTP packets are actually exchanged
**     between 2 phones peer-to-peer and not through the SEMS. Please
**     provide me help on how to place calls through SEMS and also how
i can build a
     robust voicemail subsystem with mah present resources.**
**  Regards,
**    *
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