[Serdev] An error in serweb.

Dave ser at comm.it
Mon Jul 5 21:21:19 UTC 2004

Hello list,

I have an error in serweb and I could use some help for fixing it.

There's a PHP syntax error in serweb (user_interface) when trying to click
on the
"missed calls" or "accounting" tabs.

The error is as shown:

DB Error: syntax error, file:
DB Error: syntax error, file:

The installation is with ser+serweb+mysql (all compiled from CVS source
today. Version of ser 0.8.13-dev-31).
The tables were created with the shell script privided with the CVS version
of ser.
The versions of php4 is 4.3.3

I looked in the php files

In both files_calls, the offending line is:


I'm at a loss why this error would occur. It seems that the query
constructed above that line is the culprit.

any hints or anything I can do to diagnose the problem better?


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