[Serdev] mailing list migration

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Tue May 26 11:26:50 CEST 2009


This is just a reminder that we are going to merge development mailing lists
of both projects (SER and Kamailio) into one today. Both projects share more
and more code as we try to integrated them within the sip-router project and
it turns out that most development related discussions are probably
interesting from people from both mailing lists.

If you are subscribed to serdev at iptel.org mailing list then the only change
that you'll need to do is update your email filters if you use them. Simply
replace serdev at iptel.org or serdev at lists.iptel.org with the new email address
sr-dev at lists.sip-router.org

Email addresses serdev at iptel.org and serdev at lists.iptel.org will continue to
function and you can continue using them in the future for SER related stuff.
Emails posted to either address will reach the common mailing list.

What is going to change is the (internal) name of the mailing list as well as
the physical machine running the mailing list manager. You will see a
different signature at the end of emails sent from the list. The WWW interface
to the mailing list will be moved from http://lists.iptel.org to

The name of the new development mailing list is sr-dev and its administrative
interface can be found at
The following email addresses will reach the new mailing list:
serdev at iptel.org
serdev at lists.iptel.org
sr-dev at lists.sip-router.org
devel at kamailio.org
devel at lists.kamailio.org

The preferred email address is going to be sr-dev at lists.sip-router.org, please
use that one whenever possible.

You'll probably notice a slight increase in traffic because there will be more
developers working on the merged mailing list. You will also see commit logs
comming from the shared git repository, this is where shared code is being
maintained now.

If you have any questions or problems then, please, let me know. We will send
another email when the merge is done.

  regards, Jan.

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