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Mon Aug 9 12:49:16 UTC 2004

I think it would be great to extend the "dispatcher" module, to be able to dispatch among registered entries.
that is, instead of a database, select an address based on the current contacts list.
e.g.: Assume I have an application that registers under the name "app at iptel.org" from several physical servers.
The dispatcher will allow me to load-balance among those servers, by selecting one of the registered contacts.
maybe it can be added by defining a set named "contacts" for ds_select_dst.

note: it would be best if the function first find the highest q-value in those contacts, then select only among the entries with the highest value.
Alternately, it can be configured so that it gives relative "weight" to entries based on their q-value.

example usage:

        if ( !mf_process_maxfwd_header("10") )
                sl_send_reply("483","Too Many Hops");

       if ( method=="REGISTER" && uri= ~"app" ) {
          save( "servers" );
          sl_send_reply( "200", "Registered ok" );
       if ( lookup( "servers" ) ) {
          ds_select_dst("contacts", "0");
          forward(uri:host, uri:port);
        # t_relay();

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I wrote a tiny module "dispatcher", able to select a destination to 
relay the requests to from a set of addresses. It would compute hashes 
over parts of the request (e.g., call-id) and select an address from the 
destination set based on modulo function. The selected address is used 
then as outbound proxy. The module could be used as a stateless load 
balancer, but with no guarantee of fair distribution. It can be easily 
extended (other distribution functions), but right now I have no time -- 
contributors will be very welcome.

Would someone be interested in such module? If yes, I will add it to cvs 
very soon.


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