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mark spowage spowage at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 9 15:49:15 UTC 2004

So then to take care of SIP phones that can only register with just ONE server SER must
work as a proxy and catch the ip information from REGISTER requests inorder
to pass a REFER or INVITE from a call generator engine. Clearly the major G/W's have
a solution for allowing NAT'd sip phones to call out. The challenge is for a solution 
provider to stand in the middle and add features such as click to call, or simply 
allow sip to sip calls as SERVERS such as ICONNECT which  have no interest in offering
any service other than the PSTN G/W function.
Somehow SER can stand its ground as a middleman and offer the SIP clients
additional features such as sip to sip dialing and web dialing , or even a CHOICE
of commerical SERVERS. I guess some companies have figured this out and are
offering a solution ? As it would likely take a major s/w effort to create a 
middleman solution based on SER ?

Jan Janak <jan at iptel.org> wrote:
SER can forward a REGISTER message, even fork it, but it cannot respond
to digest challenge. That means if one of the servers sends a 401
Unauthorized then SER cannot generate a new REGISTER message with digest


On 08-08 09:12, mark spowage wrote:
> most clients just register ONE server, so can SER register with SEVERAL and 
> forward to the G/W's as needed. As SER cannot easily generate messages , then
> the REGISTER message must somehow be forwarded..and applied to itself and others.
> no mention of this OBVIOUS need anywhere that i have looked yet.
> thx
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