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Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Aug 11 06:49:24 UTC 2004

At 05:49 PM 8/9/2004, mark spowage wrote:
>So then to take care of SIP phones that can only register with just ONE server SER must
>work as a proxy and catch the ip information from REGISTER requests inorder
>to pass a REFER or INVITE from a call generator engine. Clearly the major G/W's have
>a solution for allowing NAT'd sip phones to call out. The challenge is for a solution 
>provider to stand in the middle and add features such as click to call, or simply 
>allow sip to sip calls as SERVERS such as ICONNECT which  have no interest in offering
>any service other than the PSTN G/W function.
>Somehow SER can stand its ground as a middleman and offer the SIP clients
>additional features such as sip to sip dialing and web dialing ,

First keep in mind that middleman solutions may or may not be ideal.
Inherently, they have security and scalability issues.

As for web dialing, feel free to use serweb -- it is not middle-man (B2BUA) based,
it is end-2-end based (REFER).

> or even a CHOICE
>of commerical SERVERS. I guess some companies have figured this out and are
>offering a solution ? 

rather than mangling someone's identity, you may create a security relationship
to the gateway provider domain-wise.

>As it would likely take a major s/w effort to create a 
>middleman solution based on SER ?


>Jan Janak <jan at iptel.org> wrote:
>SER can forward a REGISTER message, even fork it, but it cannot respond
>to digest challenge. That means if one of the servers sends a 401
>Unauthorized then SER cannot generate a new REGISTER message with digest
>On 08-08 09:12, mark spowage wrote:
>> most clients just register ONE server, so can SER register with SEVERAL and 
>> forward to the G/W's as needed. As SER cannot easily generate messages , then
>> the REGISTER message must somehow be forwarded..and applied to itself and others.
>> no mention of this OBVIOUS need anywhere that i have looked yet.
>> thx
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