[Serusers] Can SER authenticate to an "uplink" proxy?

Dietmar Wessel dietmarlist at etre.de
Tue Aug 17 13:59:34 UTC 2004


after reading some documents on iptel, googling and going
through the mailing list I still do not know how to set up
the following configuration - or if such a configuration is
possible with SER at all:

+---------+    +-----+    +-------+
|sip-phone|----| SER |----|sipgate|--PSTN...
+---------+    +-----+    +-------+
I have some sip-phones which should register at "my" SER
(this is the easy part).
I also have an account at sipgate (and other GW-providers)
which I would like to use for incoming and outgoing calls.

How can I configure my SER so that it REGISTERs at sipgate,
so that sipgate will send INVITEs to my SER when there is an
incoming call?

How can I configure SER so that is authenticates
against sipgate when setting up an ougoing call?

The final setup should allow me to make "internal" calls
between the sip-phones, receive incoming calls from some
"public" GW-providers and use "least-cost-routing" for
external calls (use cheapest GW depending on destination).
I believe that such a configuration is not that exotic,
but I could not find a usable sample...

Thank you

Dietmar Wessel

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