[Serusers] Is there an interface to PostGreSQL instead of mySQL?

Greg Fausak greg at addabrand.com
Thu Aug 26 14:09:10 UTC 2004


Download the source.

In the modules directory there is 'mysql' and there is also 'postgres'.
You can edit the main Makefile, remove 'postgres' from the
exclude_modules declaration.  Compile and install.

I have not worked with the 0.8.14 version at all.  I know the postgres 
with 0.8.12, I've been using in production.  There is probably some 
work to be done to
make postgres module work with 0.8.14, I don't know.  I need to make 
some time
to work on that, but I haven't yet.

Please keep this on the list!


On Aug 25, 2004, at 11:53 PM, John Draper wrote:

> Greg Fausak wrote:
>> I am pretty sure it is already there.
>> I released it when I wrote it.
>> It is used just like mysql via a .so file.
> I was reading the installation notes for installing SER on OpenBSD,  
> and
> in the INSTALL document,   I quote;
> - libmysqlclient & libz (zlib) if you want mysql support (the mysql 
> module)
> - libexpat if you want the jabber gateway support (the jabber module)
> What about for PostGreSQL?   Are there any libraries I have to compile
> into "SER" like you see above for "mySQL".
> Do you have the build instructions for linking "SER" to PostGreSQL?
> I don't see any documentation that describes how to add PostGreSQL
> support in the SER build instructions.
> John
Greg Fausak
(US) 469-546-1265

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