[Serusers] (no subject)

Razvan Nemesiu razvan.nemesiu at netconnect.ro
Thu Aug 26 16:05:06 UTC 2004

Hi ..I have a problem with the ser accounting..I installed  
ser-0.8.12_src.tar.gz with acc and mysql modules by editing the acc  
makefile to enable SQL accounting and by editing the ser makefile to  
include mysql module.I installed mysql server and client and I ran  
ser_mysql.sh to create my ser database.I configured ser.cfg to connect to  
the ser mysql database and I configured ser_mysql.sh ( I changed the  
password ). Everything is fine ..Ser starts with no errors and realisezes  
user authentication.I can place calls but the MAIN PROBLEM is that I can't  
see any accounting information in MySQL ser database....Can anyone help me  

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