[Serusers] using mediaproxy / nathelper depending on client and URI

Adrian Georgescu ag at ag-projects.com
Tue Aug 31 10:10:57 UTC 2004

Arne, you can employ some heuristic checks but is not possible to know 
beforehand if a called party having multiple phones will answer with a 
phone behind NAT or outside NAT just to give you an example of 
situation when these checks will fail.



Hello all,

I have done some test with the mediaproxy module.

My config is based upon the sample code supplied with mediaproxy.
This code sends all calls through the mediaproxy independent of if the 
user is NATed.

I have made some changed to the ser.cfg by adding some client_nat_test 
options on INVITE.

This works OK when the originating user is behind NAT -> mediaproxy is 
But if the originating user is public and calls a user behind NAT -> 
audio problem.

I have searched the web + lists on how I can test if the uri is behind 
a NAT en thus use mediaproxy / Nathelper.
I have also looked at config files for nathelper but it seems to have 
the same limitations.

How should the ser.cfg be changed to enable mediaproxy / nathelper use 
based on URI ?

Any ideas are welcome.


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