[Serusers] SER + asterisk + SecurityServer

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at iptel.org
Tue Jul 13 09:54:41 UTC 2004

I guess you start ser in non-forking mode (fork=no in config file) and 
therefore only one process is created which will listen on the first 
interface found -- that is usually loopback ( If you want to 
set explicitly the IP address to listen to, use listen=ip_address in 
config file. You can have ser listening to all IP addresses setting 
fork=yes and number of children greater than number op IPs (in config 
file: children=N).


On 7/13/2004 11:42 AM, Cyprien Simons wrote:

>I want SER to accept request only from 2 given IP. So I wrote my configuration 
>file like this:
>if (source IP is the first IP) then {...} else if (source IP is the second IP) 
>then {...}
>but when I'm launching SER he tells me "more than one listen address found 
>(will use only the the first one)".
>any ideas?
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