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I think there is another email address I would use for this kinds of question. If so, much appreciate if someone could let me know.

Here is my question.

I have created a module that will lookup the database and determine if I should forward, redirect, or reject the request.

Since there is no switch statement in the script, I am wondering if I would save the "action" into a static variable and export a function to check and determine the action.

I know the above could be done and it should be ok as we do a fork - should duplicate the memory as well.  

I would much appreciate if someone could give me a YES or NO answer or any idea how this is done.

Many thanks.

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This may help: http://www.iptel.org/ser/doc/seruser/seruser.html#AEN1018


At 04:09 PM 6/17/2004, Steve Blair wrote:

> Hello:
>    Can anyone speak to how the CC-Diversion field is used
>by Cisco gateways? It is my understanding that adding this header
>field in SER will result in the Cisco gateway setting the calling party
>id to the value in the CC-Diversion header. Is this correct?
>    I'm asking because we have an Octel 350 voice mail system that
>I would like to use for mailbox for IP phone users. The 350 expects
>a physical SMDI circuit for the call signaling path and a different
>circuit for the message body path. It would be great to allow the
>SIP signaling exiting our IP cloud through a Cisco gateway to be
>able to tell the Octel system to which subscriber mailbox the message
>should be delivered.
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