[Serusers] if (uri==myself) always returns false?

Jev jev at ecad.org
Wed Jul 28 23:03:30 UTC 2004

Hi all,

This is no doubt one of those stupid little errors that I just can't 
spot, but I have spent  too much time now, so I turn to the lists.

I have a ser.cfg that works great on a FreeBSD box, now I have moved 
that config the a debian box. All software revisions (ser and rtpproxy) 
are the same.

On the debian box the statement: if (uri==myself)  always fails.

I have checked that the hostname of the box resolves to the box 
correctly, and all the eth0 look sane. Something very basic is eluding 
me here but I just can see what.

Tips? :)


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