[Serusers] What happens to ser if MySQP is write-locked briefly

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Fri Sep 10 12:32:45 UTC 2004

It depends on the configuration of your server. SER writes data into
acc and location tables. If you write accounting data into MySQL then
the process writing the data will block, other processes will continue
running unless they try to write accounting data too.

Regarding usrloc module (writing into location table) I recommend you to
set db_mode to 2. In this mode writes to mysql database will be delayed
and performed periodically by timer. If you lock the database often then
make sure you set timer_interval of usrloc module to some higher value.


On 10-09 09:23, Gerhard Zweimueller wrote:
> Hi list,
> the subject says it all:
> What happens to the state of ser, when I briefly write-lock the
> attached MySQL-database to make a file-copy.
> Briefly meaning 0.5 to 2 seconds.
> Are requests simply delayed or can serious errors occur?
> Thanks,
> Gerhard
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