[Serusers] re: help out a SER newbie: grandstream and SER

Yair Hakak yhakak at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 07:08:41 UTC 2004

hello all,
 please help a poor newbie: i installed SER as a SIP proxy in front of
asterisk and it works great....followed the instructions in SER howto
to the letter, except i didn't install SRV records (only one server
for now) and i added a handoff to asterisk (asterisk is running on
port 5070 on the same machine) as a PSTN gateway.
everything works fine with x-lite, but the grandstream gets 401 errors
and won't register. Both the x-lite and the grandstream are on the
same NAT with no STUN so that is not the problem.
The config:
username and authorization user are the same

domain/realm: phone.myserver.com
proxy server: phone.myserver.com
outbound proxy: (IP address of server)

this is driving me crazy...if anyone could point me in the right
direction i would appreciate it. sorry if i'm not asking the correct
questions, i don't know what configuration on the x-lite corresponds
to what on the grandstream.


p.s. if there is a SER or asterisk or VoIP usergroup in Israel, i
would like to join one, and if not, if there are israeli users on the
list please contact me to start one, to help each other out..

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