[Serusers] Help...Setting rtpProxy and NAthelper behind nat

armando armandom at ctitelnet.com
Mon Sep 27 18:28:30 UTC 2004

Hi folks!

Ok, I got my rtpproxy working now, and the calls are comming thought it...
but just if i have a real ip in my box.....but now I need to put my box
behind a NAT.... I have an static ip mapped to an real ip in the nat router.
. example: internal --> outside ...and now i need
to call force_rtp_proxy but with the options to insert the outside address
in the sdp and not the internal one....
I have tried several times with diferents values in the parameteres...but I
can't get the result i want... i can not understand how i need to call
force_rtp_proxy("f","") i tried this but i didn't work....

Any help will be really appreciate! 

Thanks in advance!

Armando Marrero
Cti, Miami. FL

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