[Serusers] Ser Register Problem

yilan at cs.dal.ca yilan at cs.dal.ca
Tue Sep 28 00:19:09 UTC 2004

Dear All,

I have the latest ser (0.8.14) on fedora 2 as the sip server ,1 Mitel sip
phone and xpro soft phone as the sip phones. The problem is that either
the mitel or xpro sip phones can't register in ser.

I used "serctl ul show",nothing is registered.

I used "sipsak -vv -s sip:6000 at ip address of sipserver",it shows "SIP/2.0
404 Not Found"

Then I added some log functions in ser.cfg where route locates (listed
below).I found out when I used "sipsak -vv -s sip:6000 at ip address of
sipserver",the log functions execute first at uri==myself, then
(!lookup("location")) and I can see the logs in the terminal.

But when I started the phone to communicate with the ser, those logs
weren't show although I did see the register request from sip phones to
ser from ngrep.

So my first question is when the ser.cfg is executed. When I used sipsak,
I could see ser.cfg is executed. When I started the sip phone, I can't see
its execution.

My second question is how to find out the reason for not registering. I
used the IP address for the domain name. is it right to use? Because I did
the test in local area network without dns.


        log(1,"Begin route\n");
        if (!mf_process_maxfwd_header("10")) {
                sl_send_reply("483","Too Many Hops");
                log(1,"Too many hops\n");
        if ( msg:len > max_len ) {
                sl_send_reply("513", "Message too big");
                log(1,"Message too big\n");

        # loose-route processing
        if (loose_route()) {
                log(1,"loose route\n");

        if (uri==myself) {

                log(1,"in the served domain");
                if (method=="REGISTER") {
                        log(1,"do the register work");

 #Uncomment this if you want to use digest authentication
                        if (!www_authorize("Ip address of sip server",
"subscriber")) {
                                www_challenge("Ip address of sip server",
                                log(1,"do www_challenge");

                        log(1,"save in the location");

                # native SIP destinations are handled using our USRLOC DB
                if (!lookup("location")) {
                        sl_send_reply("404", "Not Found");
                        log(1,"not found in the location");
                log(1,"not in the domain");
        # forward to current uri now; use stateful forwarding; that
        # works reliably even if we forward from TCP to UDP
        if (!t_relay()) {



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