[Serusers] branch parameter

Jiri Kuthan jiri at iptel.org
Wed Feb 7 13:41:29 UTC 2007

At 16:58 18/12/2006, Martin Hoffmann wrote:
>Jiri Kuthan wrote:
>> At 17:05 17/12/2006, Kapil Dhawan wrote:
>> > I am using RTC/1.2 library and its not generating branch parameter.
>> too bad, most implementation can deal with it in backw2ards compatibility mode
>> but clients should no longer generate such branch. I would be looking for
>> a more up-to-date stack if I was you.
>Ever used forward() in SER?

sorry -- it takes me ages to answer. -jiri


    /* calculate branch for outbound request;  if syn_branch is turned off,
       calculate is from transaction key, i.e., as an md5 of From/To/CallID/
       CSeq exactly the same way as TM does; good for reboot -- than messages
       belonging to transaction lost due to reboot will still be forwarded
       with the same branch parameter and will be match-able downstream

       if it is turned on, we don't care about reboot; we simply put a simple
       value in there; better for performance
    if (syn_branch ) {
    } else {


/* shall use stateful synonym branches? faster but not reboot-safe */
int syn_branch = 1;

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