[Serusers] Call from Asterisk to SER to a foreign subscriber

karim basraoui basraouik at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 17:28:57 UTC 2007


I've set up a small architecture in which an ASterisk proxy is connected to
a SER proxy in two different domains.

I have sip phones connected to both of them. when an asterisk subscriber
"travels" to SER domain it tries to register to SER. I've configured SER to
accept foreign
subscribers and to REGISTER them to their initial domain by the command
"t_replicate". Till now everything works good, the UA is registered and
Asterisk is aware
of its new location, it displays in peers list the UA and its new IP address
and port.

The problem is when i'm trying to call the foreign UA from an Asterisk
subscriber, it doesn't work. i have a TRYING response but no call

how can i overcome this problem please?

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