[Serusers] How SER communicate to other SIP server

Olaf Bergmann Olaf.Bergmann at freenet-ag.de
Wed Jul 4 08:14:12 CEST 2007

roayu wrote:
> Hi, Olaf!
>>From what I understand about forward() is that it will forward the request
> to the given destination statelessly. Whereas for t_relay(), it will relay a
> message to the destination stated in current URI statefully. How do I get
> the URI to point to the other SIP server by using t_relay() as I couldn't
> assign any IP address for t_relay(). I managed to assign an IP address by
> using forward().
> I tried to use both. Unfortunately, I still failed to forward the message to
> the another SIP server to establish the call. Is there any functions I need
> to use before using either those 2 functions? FYI, I will only call them
> when it starts to INVITE.

482 Loop Detected

The function you are looking for is called rewritehostport (or
rewritehost, if you like). But you could also use
t_relay_to_{udp,tcp} to specify a literal transport address where
you want your request being routed to.
<http://www.iptel.org/ser/doc/search> gives more information on
these functions.


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