[Serusers] parse_uri: bad char

Michael Grigoni michael.grigoni at cybertheque.org
Sun Jun 17 21:15:23 CEST 2007

(SER 0.8.99-dev19 openbsd/sparc w/local patches)

We have rarely received INVITES from UAs not registered
on our SER host (from the outside) but as I am setting
up a means for a Internet users from foreign realms
to listen to audio by making a call to a UA on our network
it is now necessary to process foreign INVITES.

Some years ago, this worked as I have logs of successful
foreign calls and I have not changed ser.cfg substantially
since then, however now I have this problem:

06/17/07 02:13:34 8(3695) ERROR: parse_uri: bad char '@' in state 5 parsed: <sip:9202 at cybertheque.org> (24) / 
<sip:9202 at cybertheque.org@> (40)
06/17/07 02:13:35 8(3695) extract_aor(): Error while parsing Address of Record
06/17/07 02:13:35 8(3695) lookup(): Error while extracting address of record

The foreign caller is dialing SIP:9202 at cybertheque.org; cybertheque.org is
one of our aliases -- it is the external domain.  The internal alias is
'cybertheque.net'; a UA on internal networks simply would dial '9202'.
The UA receiving the INVITE is on an internal host with address

I could try 'replace_all("@cybertheque.org","");' but I would like some advice
as to the nature of the problem as well.  I would also need some test
calls from the outside to debug the changes.  Anyone willing to call
a few times (and let me know before you do so I can make the changes
to ser.cfg)?



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