[Serusers] IPTel web pages still relevant?

Jan Janak jan at iptel.org
Mon Aug 3 11:23:42 CEST 2009

On 30-07 17:54, SIP wrote:
>>> I'm looking for more relevant documentation to SER 2.0 (or even the SIP
>>> Router project). The docs in the doc subtree of the source for both of
>>> these projects is outdated and no longer valid with respect to any
>>> information stored in the database.
>>> It still references subscriber tables and the like. All 0.9.X format DB
>>> data.
>>> Is there an update somewhere?
>> is http://www.iptel.org/ser/development/documentation so hard to find?
> Hard to find? No. Intuitive? Absolutely not. When I see SER Development,  
> I think stuff to do with actually developing the SER project itself, not  
> basic user documentation.
> And there's a big doc subfolder in both the ser 2.0 and new SER/Kamailio  
> code trees full of outdated ser 0.9.X documentation that's no longer in  
> the least bit relevant. Again, hence my question.
>> the db-structure doc refers to 2.x
>> sip-router stuff is under sip-router. Jan may share more on his plans for
>> the site (cc).
>> -jiri
> Thanks for the pointer. This will help a lot. I'm still trying to piece  
> together things like what format the did entry in the table is supposed  
> to be.... and what a uid should look like as far as SER is concerned,  
> etc, etc. This will go a long way.

We have been trying to collect all the documentation on the sip-router.org
website and make it gradually more relevant and reflect the current code.

The wiki at http://sip-router.org/wiki would be a good place to start, you can
find tutorials and documentation merged from both the SER and Kamailio
projects. It also contains links to automatically generated doxygen
documentation and docbook documentation.

If you cannot find the stuff you are looking for there then it probably does
not exist. In that case feel free to ask at the development mailing list:


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