[Serusers] 200 OK not being ACKnowledged

Steven C. Blair blairs at isc.upenn.edu
Fri Aug 14 16:36:25 CEST 2009


In route block 0 I use the following logic for relaying messages.

      # Call Tear-Down Section for ACKs - do not account for acks
     if (method=="ACK") {
         xlog("L_INFO", "\n[SER]: --ACK--: Time: [%Tf] From: <%fu> To <%tu> Src IP <%is> Method:<%rm>\n");


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Steven C. Blair píše v Pá 14. 08. 2009 v 09:30 -0400:
> Aug 13 13:07:24 vidar /usr/local/sbin/ser[19053]:  [SER]: --ACK--:
> Time: [Thu Aug 13 13:07:24 2009] From:
> <sip:89390 at vidar.net.isc.upenn.edu> To
> <sip:92155738396 at vidar.net.isc.upenn.edu;user=phone> Src IP
> <> Method:<ACK> 

OK, ACK is received by SER... but is routed incorrectly to itself...

> Aug 13 13:07:24 vidar /usr/local/sbin/ser[19053]: [SER]: Too many
> hops 

(qualified guess... to proove it sniff traffic on loopback interface)
... so it ends it the loop, cut off by Max-Forwards limit...

> Aug 13 13:07:24 vidar /usr/local/sbin/ser[19053]: Warning:
> sl_send_reply: I won't send a reply for ACK!!

... it tries to reply 4xx Too many hops, by it's not possible for ACK.

Resume: check your SER script, how you route the 2xx ACK.


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