[Serusers] 200 OK not being ACKnowledged

Martin Hoffmann hn at nvnc.de
Fri Aug 14 17:55:08 CEST 2009

Steven C. Blair wrote:
> In route block 0 I use the following logic for relaying messages.
>       # Call Tear-Down Section for ACKs - do not account for acks
>      if (method=="ACK") {
>          xlog("L_INFO", "\n[SER]: --ACK--: Time: [%Tf] From: <%fu> To <%tu> Src IP <%is> Method:<%rm>\n");
>          t_relay();
>          break;
>      };

These ACKs are record routed messages like the BYE and thus should be
forwarded using something like this:

    if (loose_route()) {

loose_route() does all the necessary magic to find out the next hop. You
should have a block like that already somewhere. Just removing the ACK
block should do the trick.


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