[Serusers] SER and RTPproxy

Edson - Lists 4lists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 19:08:31 CEST 2009

I would suggest You to use NGREP and sniff both legs of the 
communication flow...

See what SER receives and responds, what's on the SDP body and look at 
syslog to understand what RTPproxy is doing. Maybe also take a look on 
what the internal client is sending and receiving.

It should give You some hints.


Jeff Russell escreveu:
> I Think I have thing configured correctly and yet I can not make things 
> work correctly.
> This is what I am do
> I have SER on an internal (10.1.1.x) IP address
> I have RTPproxy on a different machine with a public IP address  
> 206.75.15.x
> I am routing the call out over our firewall and things 'almost' work.
> SER sets up the call using the RTPproxy to set up the ports for the RTP 
> stream, and the RTP stream is returned from the far end to the public IP 
> address, however non of the RTP traffic is sent to the internal address, 
> I am guessing it is waiting for an rtp stream from the internal address 
> but neither SER nor the ip-phone send anything or even seem to know 
> about the RTPproxy.
> Can anyone offer ANY suggestions as to how to direct the internal RTP 
> stream to the RTPproxy address?
> Many thanks,
> Jeffr
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