[Serusers] SER and RTPproxy

Edson - Lists 4lists at gmail.com
Tue Oct 6 22:08:55 CEST 2009

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Jeff Russell escreveu:
> I think this is where the error is:
>  0(60402) ERROR: extract_body: message body has length zero
>  0(60402) ERROR: force_rtp_proxy2: can't extract body from the message
> ideas?
> On 2009-10-06, at 11:08 AM, Edson - Lists wrote:
>> I would suggest You to use NGREP and sniff both legs of the 
>> communication flow...
>> See what SER receives and responds, what's on the SDP body and look at 
>> syslog to understand what RTPproxy is doing. Maybe also take a look on 
>> what the internal client is sending and receiving.
>> It should give You some hints.
>> Edson.
>> Jeff Russell escreveu:
>>> I Think I have thing configured correctly and yet I can not make 
>>> things work correctly.
>>> This is what I am do
>>> I have SER on an internal (10.1.1.x) IP address
>>> I have RTPproxy on a different machine with a public IP address  
>>> 206.75.15.x
>>> I am routing the call out over our firewall and things 'almost' work.
>>> SER sets up the call using the RTPproxy to set up the ports for the 
>>> RTP stream, and the RTP stream is returned from the far end to the 
>>> public IP address, however non of the RTP traffic is sent to the 
>>> internal address, I am guessing it is waiting for an rtp stream from 
>>> the internal address but neither SER nor the ip-phone send anything 
>>> or even seem to know about the RTPproxy.
>>> Can anyone offer ANY suggestions as to how to direct the internal RTP 
>>> stream to the RTPproxy address?
>>> Many thanks,
>>> Jeffr
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